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Blue Works, Inc.: Providing Commercial Sewer Lines in Daytona, FL

Commercial Sewer Line Repairs in Daytona offered by Blue Works, Inc. are done using new trenchless sewer line repairs. There is no digging required and can be done on virtually any size or diameter sewer drain pipe. From Condomimiums, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants to warehouses, refineries, and large applications our commercial trenchless sewer line repair methods can save your business time and money.

Providing Epoxy Pipe Lining in Daytona, FL

Epoxy Pipelining in Daytona offered by Blue Works, Inc. is the very latest in underground sewer, drain , and water pipe repairs. No digging required and most projects are completed in just one day. Epoxy pipe liners in Daytona can fix even the most severly damaged sewer pipes. This new trenchless method is the preffered way to fix all kinds of underground sewer and drain pipes.

Providing Roof Drain Lining in Daytona, FL

Roof Drain Lining in Daytona by Blue Works, Inc. repairs rusted out, leaky storm drain lines without the need to open up the walls, remove fixtures and is done virtually woth no construction necessary. The roof drain is relined from the rooftop down with an epoxy resinated PVC infuse liner. The new will have no joints, will never rust out and is warrantied for 50 years.

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