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Providing Epoxy Pipe Lining in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Epoxy Pipelining in Ft Lauderdale offered by Blue Works, Inc. is the very latest in underground sewer, drain , and water pipe repairs. No digging required and most projects are completed in just one day. Epoxy pipe liners in Ft Lauderdale can fix even the most severly damaged sewer pipes. This new trenchless method is the preffered way to fix all kinds of underground sewer and drain pipes.

Providing Hydro Jetting in Ft Lauderdale

Hydro Jetting in Ft Lauderdale offered by Blue Works, Inc. is a fast and efficient way to clear your sewer or drain lines of obstructions like tree roots, grease and other sewer line buildups and back ups. If you are experiencing frequent problems with your residential or commerical sewer line our powerful hydro jetting machines can clear them right out for you. We are the top hydro jetting plumbers in Ft Lauderdale and are available anytime day or night to assist you with your sewer problem.

Providing Sewer Line Replacement in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Sewer Line Replacement in Ft Lauderdale by Blue Works, Inc. is not your typical sewer repair job. We offer trenchless methods that can have us in and out of your property in just one day leaving you with a brand sewer line and no messy excavation required. The process is fast, cheap and your new sewer line will last for decades. We stand by our work with a 50 year warranty on our installations.

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